One month
 23rd March 2019

Just like that, a month had passed.

I dreamt of mum a couple of days ago (on the 18th) and I woke up crying. Somewhat half awake, I was so grateful I got to see mum again I kept saying thank you before I fell back asleep even though in the dream, I asked if she would stay/wait for me and she just kept quiet.

It was my first time dreaming of her since she left.

Yesterday, it was pouring and thundering on the way home but it died down in an hour or so. The sun peek through the clouds and gave everything a nice warm glow and I saw a full arch rainbow from my balcony. There was even a hint of a second rainbow. They say you can’t have a rainbow without rain. I guess I’ve had a shit ton of rain to see that.

Things will get better.

I love you mum.

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