Missing you
 24th April 2019

I’ve been missing you a fair bit lately. It’s probably because of the Easter holidays where I pretty much don’t have to work for 10 days. That’s a fair bit of time for my thoughts to drift.

I dreamt of you last night. In my dream, a series of tiny and seemingly harmless decisions led me and a group of people to be on the run and when we thought we were going to get away with it all, our transport vehicle crashed and we had to split up to avoid whoever that was after us. I had to live off the streets because I had no money or identity and someone from the group took me under her? wing.

Then on the way to the spot where the homeless people are, I came across you at a funeral. My funeral apparently even though the picture that was put up was just a black silhouette. I was told that I had to act like I didn’t know them (my family members) because to avoid the people that were after us, the best way was to pretend that I didn’t survive the crash. But you saw me and gave me a hug. I even pushed you away but you still helped me a little along the way.

Dreams are wonky and weird. They make no sense at all but at times, it provides comfort in the strangest way possible.

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