Locked out
 17th May 2019

Going home from work, I realised I left my keys in husbando’s car which isn’t a big deal… till you consider the fact that he’s out of town (and I’ve never been in this situation before).

So, I texted husbando who was at the airport already and was presented with 3 options.

1. Call a locksmith and be prepared to pay $100 bucks. Or get a locksmith to open the car door if it’s easier

2. Ask the neighbours nicely if I could jump their fence (The sliding door in the yard wasn’t locked which made jumping fences an option.)

3. Go to the airport and arrive before the plane takes off so I can get keys off him. I’m not even sure how that is even possible to be honest 

For someone that hates calling strangers on the phone, I attempted to break into the house first but no such luck so, I mustered my courage and rung neighbour’s doorbell and mentally practised my lines while the sound of footsteps grew louder.

“Hi, I’m your neighbour.”
“Oh yes hi!” said the wife who answered the door.
“Er, sorry about this but I got locked out…”
“Oh. WELL, come on in!”
“Thank you.” I said while I removed my shoes and then stepped in while looking a bit sheepish. “I was hoping if I could… jump your fence?”

There was a slight pause and the husband came out.

“You’re theā€¦” another pause while he started counting. “FOURTH! person who lived there to ask that!” and the wife was like “I’ll get the ladder.”

Geeze. Is this a rite of passage or something?

Anyway, thanks to the other three forgetful people, the best way (apparently) was to climb up the ladder, go over the fence and land on the aircon compressor that was on ground.

I… I am not a very active person who lacks a sense of adventure. I’m the person that would walk the long way around on proper pavements as opposed to taking a short cut through the bushes so, I obviously never jumped a fence before. My neighbour joked and asked if I was in the army or something. (Little did he know I had to google it on the bus and kept pestering husbando on how to hop a fence )

Well what can I say. I survived. It was less scary than I thought but I hope I never have to do it again.

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