Misa le Alias

: Misa
: December
: Australia, Singapore
: Sony a5100, iPhone 8 Plus
: My WWW Journey


: Reading, writing/RP on GO, pixeling, dramas, nendoroids, baking, 1000 pieces puzzles, cross-stitch, crochet, colouring books, Japanese/Korean cuisines, Kettle chilli salt chips, bubble tea, chai latte, tea in general.

: Creepy crawlies, flying bugs (bees, moths and, butterflies included), victorian porcelain dolls, wet socks and shoes from rain, stubborn oily plastic containers

Fun fact 1 : If you absolutely have to know why I picked the alias Misaki, it’s because while learning Japanese, I kept confusing the two characters き (ki) and さ (sa). After googling, Misaki seemed like the best choice cause sa comes first so that’s one horizontal stroke and ki comes next with two strokes! But I mostly use Misa now.

Fun fact 2 : I prefer Japanese dramas to Korean but like Korean songs better than Japanese. Though I’m TRYING to learn Japanese, I know more Korean words at the tip of my tongue. I LOVE Korean food compared to Japanese but I like Kimonos better than Hanboks. Oh and I like the Japanese culture more than the Korean one.

Fun fact 3 : If my mouse cursor stays on one side of the screen too much, I get uncomfortable and will HAVE to move to the less explored areas to feel better.