Misa le Alias

: Misa
: December
: Australia, Singapore
: Sony a5100, iPhone 8 Plus
: My WWW Journey


: Reading, writing/RP on GaiaOnline, pixeling, dramas, nendoroids, baking, 1000 pieces puzzles, cross-stitch, crochet, colouring books, Japanese/Korean cuisines, Kettle chilli salt chips, bubble tea, chai latte, tea in general, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, MapleStory, and Forager

: Creepy crawlies, flying bugs (bees, moths and, butterflies included), victorian porcelain dolls, wet socks and shoes from rain, stubborn oily plastic containers

Fun fact 1 : If you absolutely have to know why I picked the alias Misaki, it’s because while learning Japanese, I kept confusing the two characters き (ki) and さ (sa). After googling, Misaki seemed like the best choice cause sa comes first so that’s one horizontal stroke and ki comes next with two strokes! (I also like it better than Saki) But I mostly use Misa now.

Fun fact 2 : I prefer Japanese dramas to Korean but like Korean songs better than Japanese. Though I’m TRYING to learn Japanese, I know more Korean words at the tip of my tongue. I LOVE Korean food compared to Japanese but I like Kimonos better than Hanboks. Oh and I like the Japanese culture more than the Korean one.

Fun fact 3 : If my mouse cursor stays on one side of the screen too much, I get uncomfortable and will HAVE to move to the less explored areas to feel better.