WWW Journey

Anything before 2004 was neopets.

I started off with blogging with the only platform I knew, blogger. Using free templates, I just simply posted how my day went and classmates/friends would comment, then I’ll reply, thinking that that’s all to it.

Not too long after, I discovered the world of dolls. (From DollieCrave and some other which I cannot remember)

There were these doll makers and it seemed like the coolest thing I ever found so, I deleted my blog and picked up some html skills from LisaExplains and I opened my first site on geocities, layout being frames. I clearly remembered someone emailing me asking if I stole her cousin’s layout because it looked exactly like mime. Psssh. More like her cousin stole my frames.

I didn’t know about graphic programs or even paint at that point. Things like transparent background for graphics were alien because to me, transparent background was saving your images in gif and it screws up you image quality so, all my images had a white background.

Start of iframes

After visiting more and more sites, I realised “Hey, those aren’t frames. How did they do it?” and so began my iframes journey.

I found a pretty good tutorial so I didn’t experience much difficulties. Drew up a layout in paint, got the width and the height of each section, coded it, upload into geocities and ta-dah, the godly iframes.

I still didn’t get the transparent part though which was why all my layouts had white backgrounds.

I remembered my site having all sorts of dolls but it soon got boring because at that point, all I did was to use dollmakers, post the different types and, it soon became boring because all my sister sites seems to have the same content as me! In fact, some even had more categories of dolls than me.

And then came pixeling!

When I was looking for something different for my doll site, pixels pop-ed up and soon after, my doll site went down and up went my very own pixel site on geocities.

I got better with iframes, my graphics improved and, I could actually pixel something. I started off small and actually made a few affies. How they found my tiny site, I have no idea.

After pixels came scribbles. (It was the time when everyone had scribbles so how could I not have any?) As I started scribbling, out of nowhere came vectors. I never mastered vectors, even till now. Illustrator is… -twitches- Reason why I stuck to psp and paint.

Then came message boards. I remember I was even an admin at a message board. Started off as a member, promoted to moderator, then admin by basically being active, posting a lot, and helping out the newcomers.

Getting hosted!

After getting hosted by one of the members from the MB, I improved on my pixels, learnt how to use ftp and, div layout, which at that time was so popular at one point that having a long sidebar felt better than anything.

Come to think of it, I got hosted quite a few times, changing my site name whenever I grew out of it. At one point, it was known as Sugar Bunni Cafe. I think I changed it to Peek A Boo then changed it to Plastic Box.

I also found out a better way of pixeling which is to not use black outlines. The colors on my pixels got brighter instead of the usual dull pastels and it was really, really fun. At the same time, I learnt how to install cutenews in my iframe layouts and picked up php skills which started out as a disaster.

I think it was around this point where I learnt how to create my own blogger layouts and improved my graphics (banner making skills), picking up little things like merging images, using textures, brushes and, some actions.

Year 2006/2007

I stopped completely and closed my sites (at that point, I own about two hosted sites. One was a graphic site and the other was just a blog) because I got addicted to gaiaonline (at the end of 2007) and suddenly, there were so many manga/books and dramas that I wanted to read and watch.

I felt like I was missing out a lot because all my time and effort were spent on pixels that my friends/classmates did not understand.

Old habits die hard

In December 2008, I opened a mini shop in gaia selling pixels because I missed pixeling (and I kinda wanted to earn gold which is their currency). Revamped my old pixels, sold them for gold and people were actually willing to buy them! Guess how happy I felt seeing that people actually found my work cute.

In 2009/2010, gaia lost its shine so I concentrated on binge watching dramas (I got hit by the hallyu aka Korean wave), listening to Korean/Japanese music and, went back to blogging every once in a while.

A new beginning

When I finally returned to pixeling, I discovered all the old sites that I adored and admired were gone. The once mighty and popular message boards were falling apart and the whole community was just not what is used to be.

Feeling a little empty, I discovered that The Quilting Bee was still around so I decided to join and along with it, I found Teahouse MB. (Which are both now inactive)

I blog on and off, (more off than not) and I haven’t pixel-ed in a long while. Not sure if I’ll pick it up again but that’s okay.

If you made it here, thank you for reading.