May 5th, 2007

Ok…you know the song 中國話 [Zhong Guo Hua] by S.H.E.?? Ya…it’s so hard to sing and learn…it goes so fast and 90% of the lyrics are made up of tounge twisters!!! I’m learning the last part…the one with the buying of vinegar and sell cloth and then see rabbit and eagel then chase after it then later the vinegar spilled and the cloth got lost?? Ya…that part…so chim lah…legs here mouth there…and in chinese, leg is called tui and mouth is called zui…they sound so alike can??

The the lyrics for 老子说 [Lao Zhi Suo] by Wu Ke Qun…cannot find -_-” Google search don’t have leh…Nevermind…I shall go find again…I love that song la…so nice ^^ Maybe it’s not even up yet…I mean like who know?!?!

Oh wells….today I slacked a lot….maybe because I still have two days to study cause Sat and Sun…lalala…oh ya!! I watch The Rats just now on chn 5. The rats were all so gross!!! One or two rats are fine but a whole swimming pool of them filled to the brim is like….eewwww…YYUUCCKKK….

May 1st, 2007

I am going to fail my exams.

End of story. I’m serious!!! Nothing is going into my head right now so I decided to take a break and that’s why I’m here posting….how?? HOW??? My SS is half okay, half not okay….My bio is ALOT better….at least I manage to get most of the facts engraved into my head. I SAID MOST!!! MOST only!!! I need everything to be inside!!! But noOOO…..Grrr….

Anywayz, I slept at 2+ -3+ last night and woke up at 10 in the morning. Why? you ask?? I was watching Ghost Ship and Scream 3…hahas. My mum allowed me to watch so we watched it together…Nice…Very Nice!!! Lols….Anywayz, I’m also playing Maple Story…fishing there. Got free exp and meso and items AND I don’t have to do anything other then just sit there soI can also study at the same time….lol.

Oh wells….more things to remember so I’ll be studying!!! Soon….I think….okay…maybe now….or 5 mins later -.-“

April 30th, 2007

Now let’s see…It’s 11.12pm at night and tomorrow I have school…I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and I’m stuck at my Home Econs Coursework, desicion making, I have another biology paper to finish, a maths worksheet, a physics paper and I have yet to wash my contacts. WOW!!!

Oh man…right now, my Home Econs Coursework is like…15 pages?? Oh wells…it’s printing now and I’ll just go to school and borrow my friend’s one and take a look then do the rest in school. I need to sleep too you know. Maths and physics paper don’t need to finish by to day so that’s two down. Bio and home econs….hmm…oh wells…tomorrow then. Now, I’m left with washing my contacts…

Oh, my mum got my another 7 months supply of contacts lenses. WOOTS!! And she even made a new pair of spectacles for me today!! It will be ready by this Friday, 2pm. Hahas….I think I look nice in it ^^ There’s pastel pink in it!! Yay…one of my fav. colour…overall, it cost SG$320…expensive ar…the frame itself cost 100 dollars and plus the lenses and the contacts…and they also have to earn a profit so it’s 320 dollars…

$$ Fly Away….lols. My mummy rocks!!! I love you mummy ^^

Oh ya….I reserved a cake for my mum….on Mother’s Day *duh* I think it cost 10…or was it 20 dollars?? Me and my sister shared it so it helps my pocket a little bit. Haven’t gotten my tops yet…don’t dare ask my mum…later she scold me say I spend too much and somehow, it will lead to my result…

Hmmm….wonder how parents do that…They never fail to link a topic to school work or exams results…*wonders*

April 26th, 2007

Sure…I have nothing to say to you=)

Oh wells, responding is a good way of interacting. Hmm…at least I didn’t post at your tagboard =) Rights?? What has happen can’t be change *like the one in ss class* so yupps…Suprising, I’m taking it rather easy…I thought I would be really upset but nope…it didn’t happen and neither did it affect me so I guess that’s it then.
All the best to you =)

Hahas…today…had english oral…I was nervous so I forgot to add the “ed” behind a word…can’t remember what it is. Mrs. Nicks said that I didn’t describe enough for my picture…says that I need improvement. I’m rather bad at pictures…oh wells.

My physics is like half complete…there are blanks and Miss Lim told us not to leave blanks…sighs. My F&N research without the survey, a part of the research and the three day food recoard is like 8 pages…EIGHT leh!!! I didn’t realise I did so much until I printed it out…then, compared to Wing Lam’s one…mine is like an ant beside a giant -.-”

Hmm…next time you want come or coming late…tell me!! Or else wasted trip….somemore so far…
Honor your promise…and don’t ask me again….I might or will get angry…I think O.o
Oh and I just remembered something….why turn me into a pastry bun?!?! If your answer is going to be “So I can eat/bite you” then don’t bother answering -.-” And of all things to name….pastry bun?!?!

April 25th, 2007

Today….nothing much happen. Oh and anna and xueying…you want to know what happen don’t you?? I shall tell you. I’M NOT TALKING TO MEIFERN AND NEITHER IS SHE TALKING TO ME!!!

There, as simple as that. Anything that has to do with her is none of my problem. That’s it…END OF STORY!!

Don’t bother trying to make us friends again because it’s useless…the damaged had been done ever since she told us a certain story and posted a certain post. Say what you want…Even if you twist or make up stories, as long as I know that I didn’t lie and that I am clear to my conscience, I will not give a damn about them…from now onwards. I will not do anything because there’s nothing I can do since it’s your mouth and your hands. Type, talk whatever bullshit you want. I don’t care. No use wasting my time getting angry…it will only get me stressed up.

Puppet…don’t bother typing tags at her blog anymore unless you take it as a form of entertainment then feel free to.

I’m going to tell you very frankly, I’m sick and tired of all these cork and bull stories and all these drama. Take it as I’m gaining pity or being a bitch cause I don’t care. Go on, post as much as you like because it’s none of my problem. Afterall, what goes around, comes around.

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