April 24th, 2007

Something from Puppet “Oh I have? I do suppose you ASSUMED that I was helping someone, fool. I’m not here to see what you’re posting, but rather, to let you see what I have posted here for you. Foolish”

Hmm…isn’t that the point of the name Puppet?? FEELING MANIPULATED BY PEOPLE?? Am I right?? Correction, I am right…right?? O.o
A note though, I am not that crazy nor free to ask people to tag other people board…

Today the F&N teacher called up my mum…my mum didn’t scold me AT ALL!! Hahas…My mum told me to hand in to her tomorrow since I’ve got the recipes already…it’s just not modified yet -.-” Had chinese oral today and I could read most of the words from the passage…I said MOST ar…not ALL hor…and the convo thingy, the lao shi was giving me lots of prompting…I thought I was really bad until at the end she told me that I have not much problems with convo!!! Oh the relief…and I think I passed because lao shi doesn’t fail people unless the person is really that bad…LAO SHI IS SO NICE!!!

Hahas…now…check list
Home Econs – done
Physics – not completed yet
Biology- haven’t touch yet -.-”
Maths – a few more question to go
SS – not even close to done

So that like 4 subjects more to go…Oh wells…bettter start work or else later my maths teacher make me stand again…and standing for to periods is NOT FUN!!!

April 23rd, 2007

OMG!!! The cock and bull got lost and can never be found!!! Hahas. Anywayz, I haven’t found my recipes yet…what should I cook?? Think school canteen…think school canteen….lols. Hmm…today, I touched Cassie…I thought she would bite or something but nope…she didn’t…she’s rather cute actually and Pactches..haiz…lick lick lick…so pampered…then got double chin…told her must lose weight and Mags says that I sound like I’m talking to a baby…

Hmm…I think I’ll have to redo my research again…it is A LOT better then the previous two I did but when she marks it…”please redo your research…there’s not enough information” -.-”

Oh wells…even if she wants it thatway, there’s nothing I can do except to redo it…I’m not make much sense am I?? So tired…and it’s only like 8 plus…exams coming soon…first paper is SS then followed by Biology on the same day…then cannot remember le =.=”

April 22nd, 2007

Ok…I had my hair cut…Uncle Chris cut off like ermm…half of my hair!!! Ahhh…my long hair…gone!! GONE I TELL YOU but after staring at it for like….an hour or so…it’s kinda of nice actually ^^

After cutting my hair and let me tell you. I wait for like an hour or so before the lady would even wash my hair!! They were so busy doing rebonding for other customers. I also want to reborn my hair!!! But my mum would not hear of it so…bye bye neat and straight hair. Anywayz, my mum did soft rebonding and other then the fact that her hair is so straight like some wooden board, she looks nice…at least when it’s not THAT straight after a few days or so. Where was I?? Oh ya. After cutting my hair, my dad picked me, my mum and my sister for dinner. Their friend is giving us a treat at this Auntie Kims…Yupps…Korean food!! Oh wells, the food was nice *duh* and we know the owner *old friend of my parents* so we got a 10% discount…it’s not much but it reduced like 10 dollars plus off the bill.

I didn’t get to change my glasses since we spent like half a day visiting my dad’s mother *my grandmother* and the rest outside eating and doing hair so I guess I’ll have to wait. My grandmother is old *duh* and she is very VERY skinny. Si skinny until all her viens can be seen…it’s like all budging out and that kind of thing…I think she should put on a bit of weight…her skinny-ness scares me >.< Oh wells…There’s so many things that I want now!! There’s two tops that I want. One from Love Belle and another one from Multiple-O. There’s still the bag and the sneakers and the poker cube chain thingy thing…aaahhh….and where is the money going to come from?? Haiz…better start saving…I think by the time I get it, it will be outdated but who cares?? I like it and “ta da” end of story.

Hmm…are you sure that you’re going to love me even if I’m bald?? I seriously don’t think so >.< Hahas but it was sweet…it really was ^^ Oh and a promise is a promise….you break it…you die!!! DIE!!!! Lols…but seriously, I hate broken promises so yupps ^^ Oh and BTW, you are being insulted…I tell you next monday…if I can remember…

April 22nd, 2007

Ok…deal. We shall not care bout her cock and bull story. LOL!!! He really shakes his legs ar Jiaying?? Hahas…it’s none of my problem anywayz -.-”

Oh. Did I metion that I am in love with Custard Apple?? My dad brought one home and I tried it…IT ROCKS!!! It’s one of my fav. fruits now…but it’s expensive…one for like ermm…10 buck plus plus Singapore dollars…heart pain. But it’s nice ^^

Hmm…my mum is bringing me to cut my hair later…Dunno what style should I cut. Whiney little boy ask me to cut layers but apparently, I don’t know how I will look in it. Thinking of cutting my fringe but what is it turns out wrongly?? Layered hair with fringe and a side parting…how would I look??

Aiya…don’t care lah…later see how Uncle Christopher cut my hair *he’s not old lah…but if I call him Christopher Gor… It will sound werid so nevermind!!!*

April 20th, 2007

Ok…my F&N research number 3 and recipes are due on the 24th of this month, April…DIE!!!! But I’ll survive ^^ I think ~.~” Anywayz, Our F&N teacher cried in class today….REALLY CRY LEH….This is what happened *very vague….details not very sure*

Teacher walks over to the student table.

Teacher:What are you doing??
Student:Huh? *Didn’t hear her properly*
Teacher: Why are you doing this to me?? *breaks down and started crying*
The rest of the class: …. *turns and stare*
After a short while,
Student number 2: Teacher, don’t cry…
Teacher: How can I not cry, Look…look at what she’s doing *continues to cry*

———-I have no idea what happen here -.-“———-

Later, the teacher got up and went out of the class…5 mins later she came back
Teacher: *name of student* Follow me. Class, later when the bell rings, off the lights and air con and go off.
Student follows her.

———-After recess, teacher not in class yet———-

Another student: *name of student* eyes were all red leh…that *name of teacher* went to complain to the form teacher

That’s it….that’s all I know.

This makes me wonder, are we really that bad?? Did we really give her that much stress until that she has to cry in class?? Huh?? Are we??? There are some good ones in the class but still….Seeing her cry makes me feel really bad even though I don’t really like her. Maybe it’s her attuide or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know, I mean the way that she phrases things are very….very…aiya, dunno how to say la…all I know is that whenever she “scolds” the class, she makes me wanna “Pian ta” Cannot tahan her…Oh wells, we probably get scolding from our form teacher the next time she sees us…another scolding…haiz.

Hmm…Oh wells…I’m off to do my F&N before she calls up my mum or something like that and then “volia!!” another scolding -.-“

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