April 22nd, 2007

Ok…deal. We shall not care bout her cock and bull story. LOL!!! He really shakes his legs ar Jiaying?? Hahas…it’s none of my problem anywayz -.-”

Oh. Did I metion that I am in love with Custard Apple?? My dad brought one home and I tried it…IT ROCKS!!! It’s one of my fav. fruits now…but it’s expensive…one for like ermm…10 buck plus plus Singapore dollars…heart pain. But it’s nice ^^

Hmm…my mum is bringing me to cut my hair later…Dunno what style should I cut. Whiney little boy ask me to cut layers but apparently, I don’t know how I will look in it. Thinking of cutting my fringe but what is it turns out wrongly?? Layered hair with fringe and a side parting…how would I look??

Aiya…don’t care lah…later see how Uncle Christopher cut my hair *he’s not old lah…but if I call him Christopher Gor… It will sound werid so nevermind!!!*

April 20th, 2007

Ok…my F&N research number 3 and recipes are due on the 24th of this month, April…DIE!!!! But I’ll survive ^^ I think ~.~” Anywayz, Our F&N teacher cried in class today….REALLY CRY LEH….This is what happened *very vague….details not very sure*

Teacher walks over to the student table.

Teacher:What are you doing??
Student:Huh? *Didn’t hear her properly*
Teacher: Why are you doing this to me?? *breaks down and started crying*
The rest of the class: …. *turns and stare*
After a short while,
Student number 2: Teacher, don’t cry…
Teacher: How can I not cry, Look…look at what she’s doing *continues to cry*

———-I have no idea what happen here -.-“———-

Later, the teacher got up and went out of the class…5 mins later she came back
Teacher: *name of student* Follow me. Class, later when the bell rings, off the lights and air con and go off.
Student follows her.

———-After recess, teacher not in class yet———-

Another student: *name of student* eyes were all red leh…that *name of teacher* went to complain to the form teacher

That’s it….that’s all I know.

This makes me wonder, are we really that bad?? Did we really give her that much stress until that she has to cry in class?? Huh?? Are we??? There are some good ones in the class but still….Seeing her cry makes me feel really bad even though I don’t really like her. Maybe it’s her attuide or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know, I mean the way that she phrases things are very….very…aiya, dunno how to say la…all I know is that whenever she “scolds” the class, she makes me wanna “Pian ta” Cannot tahan her…Oh wells, we probably get scolding from our form teacher the next time she sees us…another scolding…haiz.

Hmm…Oh wells…I’m off to do my F&N before she calls up my mum or something like that and then “volia!!” another scolding -.-“

April 18th, 2007

Ok…I’m having my English Mid Year Exams tomorrow and my english oral is some where next week…Hmm…yesterday, during Home Econs, we got threw out of the class…oh wait…we didn’t even STEP into class. Such an ass. Ok…fine, I didn’t hand in my recipes but at least I did the research right?? It’s better then doing nothing…grr. Hmm…she was crying yesterday…didn’t dare to walk up to her and tell her it’s okay because I think she hates me like hell…I said sorry didn’t I but…oh wells…the past is the past…I can’t reverse it or anything like that. Hmm…at least she’s not against me or anything like that….I hope -.-”

Now…on to something I love…it’s a new addiction…It’s called…Domo-kun!!! OMG!!! It’s like the cutest thing I ever seen…I even change the layout because of it….Hmm…A little information on it…*if I can be as hardworking for F&N, finding information and doing research…I’ll get an A1 for it*

Domo-kun (どーもくん) is a small brown open-mouthed monster hatched from an egg who lives with a wise old rabbit underground. He really, really likes TV.

Since I’m on the topic…these are the cute japanese thingy things I LOVE!!! *exculding tops, bottoms, bling blings, shoes, anime and manga*

San X
Nyan Nyan Nyanko

Kamio Japan
Elephant Life
Sweet Party
Panda Sushi
Love Skull
Memo Pad Chan

Boogie Room
Pankoya Bakery
Hot Dog Time/Sweet Donuts /Hot Cake Time
Sweet Friends
Mushroom Family
Panda Town

Relax Frog
Kinoko Bear
Animal Donut
Drink Box Family
Cute Town
Boo Boo Postman
Lint Ball
Crux Animal Parfait
Crux Greaser Panda

Now my darling sister…you know what to get me for my birthday le ar….must remember hor ^^ Oh and you haven’t tell me what you like!!!


April 13th, 2007

Today…IJ Fiesta. me, Justian, Ayunni, Veronica and two other girls *dunno how to spell their names >.<* played hunted house and woah…it was fun…we had to crawl under the tables and we were like nooo….I don’t want to crawl under…can’t climb on the table and walk over?? Lols…oh and we took our own sweet time and I think the “ghost” got pissed off with us because Justina told me that one of the ghost said this “Ayunni, it’s me…Huda…HUDA….go under the table, crawl forward the turn right!!!” or something like that…then one of them said “Justina…quickly go under!!” Hahas…oh and then there were some “ghost” under the table and one of them was lying sideways and when I went pass it, I jumped and said “oh…hello hello” and continued crawling…

Then, I dunked Jiaying…paid two dollars to dunk my friend…oh wells…the ball hit the pole thingy twice but I didn’t threw it hard enough to make her fall so I went to push the pole thing…and of course she got wet….

Went for the IJ Superstar thing…oh well..the girl that won can sing and The singapore idol’s Gayle Nerva, *that’s her name right?? The ex IJ girl??* came to our school and performed two songs…and she can sing well…hahas oh and then our own school rock band played a few songs and the guitar was so pretty!!! Black electric guitars!!! *faints* It so hot!!!

After that, me and Justina went to walk around Toa Payoh….ate lunch and then went to Bishan…bought 7.30 dollars worth of pens…very ex ar…must start saving le…I want that pretty hp strap thingy before Mu-ee closes down…I don’t care…I want that pretty thingy thing!!! Even if it costs 22.90 dollars…I still want it!!!

April 11th, 2007

So long never blog le…English oral is on dunno when. First someone scared me by telling me it wason Monday, went and checked the board…nope…not on monday…it was on wed which is today. Then…they still haven’t update the boeard yet so I have no idea when’s my english oral….die ar die…

Oh wells…School today…things happen….for dunno what reasons…did I offen her or something?? Oh…who cares…

Hmm…going down on Sat to see the css thing…wonder who will get in…lalala…I’ve got nothing much to update…so things are met to be heard and not seen…especially HERE!!! Lols….oh ya…still got my F&N…Sighs…I found out that ther highest in class is 4.5 marks…the total is eight marks…how am I supposed to pass???

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