February 21st, 2007

Ya…so long never blog le…I didn’t delete the “sss” from my post hor…too lazy to delete. Meifern will know what I’m talking about ^^ Hahahs…so bored right now. I still have to finish the css code for my project and my friend’s one and I have yet to edit Mag’s blog. Sighs…Then I got Maths test on the 26th of this month…It’s the 26th right?? RIGHT??? Oh wellz and that reminds me…went for lunch with Mags and her friend…think it was Ryan…Ya…it is. Anywayz, went for lunch with them and I could answer nearly all his lame jokes and he says that he must find one that I don’t know. I think I shall go do some reading on lame jokes…or maybe just ask my friends…sometimes, they are even lamer then me ^^ Am I talking to myself here?? Why yes I am ^^ hahas…I’m just bored

February 12th, 2007

Yes…like what the title says…I’m crying as I blog…Gaining sympathy?? Nope I’m not…It really does hurt because I did not use you and I can swear to it…Cool people…Haha…very funny. You didn’t like them but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them too. My grades were never worst than you for your information and I’ve never thrown you aside and I never totally ignore you. I admit that I did leave you out for a period of time but that’s because I got influence by the what you so call “cool people” They didn’t like you and so what if they are not going to be in the same class as me?? I am still friends with them right?? I still hang out with them right?? In the new class, you are not the only person I know and I never did use the both of you…I really didn’t and I can swear on that too. If you want to be on your own, there’s nothing I can say. You think that I suck but the other two don’t…they are actually great and awesome. Like what she said, ” there’s a reason behind everything..and u may and may not know why” There is a reason and we feel the same way…maybe it’s just me but I think you will get my point.

P.S I don’t feel like blogging about the camp any more…maybe next time…

February 7th, 2007

Self awareness camp is comming in TWO days time…I wonder which bag I should bring…maybe my school bag??? Lolz…Oh yes…tomorrow going to buy some jam, peanut butter and kaya for camp. I think we are going to J8. Who’s the “we” you ask??? Lolz…Me and JiaYing loh…who else??? Oh and maybe Mags…not too sure yet. Anywayz, today we heard that Miss Lee quit!!! Oh yes!!! I know I’m mean but I just don’t really like her teaching method oh and btw, she has short tongue and I heard her say purchases as paper!!! She our account teacher…just thought that you should know. I hope a better teacher comes in…actually, I think she can teach (I got pay attention one hor) it’s just that I find her very irritating and I really cannot “ta han” her at all -.-”

My kor wants a shirt so a shirt I shall get him oh and I have to buy loads of chocolates ^^ One box/bar of white chocolate and two box/bars of chocolates for Mags, Justina and Jiaying… That’s about it…right?? Oh and one for Meifern too…or maybe I should get her a tank top..lolz. She confirm won’t wear one ^^

Oh and Justina!!! You said you want to exchange Valentine‚Äôs present right??? I’m getting you chocolates!!! Lolz…I shall be thick skin and ask now…What are you getting me???

February 6th, 2007

I reached home at about 6.30pm today. Went Bugis with Justina, Diana and that person who calls me one-dollar…don’t ask why. Lolz. Anywayz, we went Bugis street and they started to shop for someone’s birthday gift. Cannot tell you who…what if she’s reading my blog now?? Then she’ll know what’s goping to happen and then it will be no fun. Oh…where was I?? Oh yes, shopping.

Ermm…_____ wanted to meet me there but somehow, he saw me and I didn’t see him at all. Yes…don’t ask why because I have no idea how to explain it to you….Ahh…nevermind. “That person” I shall call her that person from now until I find a better name for her ^^ Lolz…ya…that person was so full of shit today. Going out with her makes me twice as tired as ever… She likes to make useless comments like “If the necklace break or spoil, I can back find you huh” IN FRONT OF THE SHOP KEEPER!!!! Omg…so humilating. Wonder if the shopkeeper got hear or not.

Oh…I still got my maths haven’t finish yet and I also haven’t learnt my chinese spelling. I have yet to buy the pretty blink blink at Top Shop and a pair of denim three quarters. Oh and that reminds me…I still haven’t buy present for my friends and _____ who doesn’t eat chocolate by the way -.-” I shall reserve the chocolates for Justina since she’s happy with chocolates…Wait…let me make a list…

1)Top Shop blink blink
2)Chocolates for Justina and maybe Jiaying (I have no idea what the rest wants…maybe chocolates too)
3)Denim three quarters
4)Another top from Top Shop ^^

That’s all…right??? O.o

February 5th, 2007

Ok…the new blogger thingy thing is really werid…I’m so not used to it but anywayz, I stepped on dog’s poo poo today while going to my friend’s house. Haha…very funny oh and that reminds me…I have to go link more people and re-link some of my friends. Oh and now, there are three possible reasons for me not being to view my friends blog.
1) There is something wrong with my computer.
2)She didn’t update at all.
3)She haven’t created her blog yet.

Most likely, it will be number one. Oh and do you know that _____ ask me to be his birthday present?? I bet you don’t but now you know. Anywayz, if _____ is reading this now, silence doesn’t mean consent okay?? For me, silence means that I don’t know what to say… Oh and one more thing…I don’t like like you…I just like you…as a friend I might add.

Ahem…today was filled with laughter and JiaYing today “yi zhi yuan wang wo” telling the teacher things that I never do…*sighs* If you are reading this right now, you should feel guilty. Lolz…I’m kidding okay??