February 6th, 2007

I reached home at about 6.30pm today. Went Bugis with Justina, Diana and that person who calls me one-dollar…don’t ask why. Lolz. Anywayz, we went Bugis street and they started to shop for someone’s birthday gift. Cannot tell you who…what if she’s reading my blog now?? Then she’ll know what’s goping to happen and then it will be no fun. Oh…where was I?? Oh yes, shopping.

Ermm…_____ wanted to meet me there but somehow, he saw me and I didn’t see him at all. Yes…don’t ask why because I have no idea how to explain it to you….Ahh…nevermind. “That person” I shall call her that person from now until I find a better name for her ^^ Lolz…ya…that person was so full of shit today. Going out with her makes me twice as tired as ever… She likes to make useless comments like “If the necklace break or spoil, I can back find you huh” IN FRONT OF THE SHOP KEEPER!!!! Omg…so humilating. Wonder if the shopkeeper got hear or not.

Oh…I still got my maths haven’t finish yet and I also haven’t learnt my chinese spelling. I have yet to buy the pretty blink blink at Top Shop and a pair of denim three quarters. Oh and that reminds me…I still haven’t buy present for my friends and _____ who doesn’t eat chocolate by the way -.-” I shall reserve the chocolates for Justina since she’s happy with chocolates…Wait…let me make a list…

1)Top Shop blink blink
2)Chocolates for Justina and maybe Jiaying (I have no idea what the rest wants…maybe chocolates too)
3)Denim three quarters
4)Another top from Top Shop ^^

That’s all…right??? O.o

February 5th, 2007

Ok…the new blogger thingy thing is really werid…I’m so not used to it but anywayz, I stepped on dog’s poo poo today while going to my friend’s house. Haha…very funny oh and that reminds me…I have to go link more people and re-link some of my friends. Oh and now, there are three possible reasons for me not being to view my friends blog.
1) There is something wrong with my computer.
2)She didn’t update at all.
3)She haven’t created her blog yet.

Most likely, it will be number one. Oh and do you know that _____ ask me to be his birthday present?? I bet you don’t but now you know. Anywayz, if _____ is reading this now, silence doesn’t mean consent okay?? For me, silence means that I don’t know what to say… Oh and one more thing…I don’t like like you…I just like you…as a friend I might add.

Ahem…today was filled with laughter and JiaYing today “yi zhi yuan wang wo” telling the teacher things that I never do…*sighs* If you are reading this right now, you should feel guilty. Lolz…I’m kidding okay??

February 4th, 2007

Remember I told you that I will be going to Vivo City yesterday to get my blings blings and stuff??? Well, guess what?!? I didn’t go…Why you ask??? Well, I told my mum on the phone while she was driving that I wanted to go to Vivo City. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Anywayz, she came home and picked me and my sister up and somewhere around Novena Square, she turned to my dad and asked him, “Where’s the car park?” and I asked my mum why she wanted to know where the car park was. She said this “I thought you wanted to go to VELOCITY???” OMG!!! VIVO CITY AND VELOCITY ARE TWO DIFFERENT THING!!!! ARGH!! It was partly my fault for telling her while she was driving but still…oh never mind. This time, I TOLD HER IN PERSON that I wanted to go to Vivo City so I’m sure that she won’t hear wrongly.

Anywayz, the happy thing is that I went to Velocity just now and got myself three pairs of ear rings from Watts In and a top from Heidi’s. Let me tell you this…WATTS IN ROCKS BIG TIME!!! Their products are from Korea and they have really pretty things there ^^ Oh and my mum actually let me go to Vivo City with my friends to buy a pair of three quarters/jeans and more blings blings…the best part is that she told me that she’ll pay for it!!! Yay!!! So happy ^^

Oh and one more thing…please don’t pay attention to the tittle…I just love the song Sexy Back so I kind of like added the first sentence of the song to my blog tittle…lolz

February 3rd, 2007

Oo Oo…Guess what?!? I’m such a clever girl who did something to my AsiaSoft thing and now I can’t log into my Maple Story account. Diaoz…Think happy…think happy…getting mad won’t help. Lolz. Happy…erm…let’s see…. Oh, I’m going to Vivo City later…if my mum keeps her promise…

Anywayz, I’m going to Vivo City later to get New Year clothes…the one I saw at Vivo City; Top Shop…Yes…the one I saw when I was out with Justina yesterday. I think I’m also getting the necklaces I saw…one at Valerie and another at Top Shop…Maybe some denim three-quarters and/or jeans…Oh and I also have to get him a present and I have no idea what he likes…T-shirt?? Jacket?? WHAT?!?! He didn’t want to tell me what he likes…other then he dislikes “bling blings”…Ah nevermind…If I see anything suitable, then I’ll get him…if not then…then…aaahh…I have no idea too.

Oh…today morning, I had tuition and I did another clever thing. I took my school maths exercise book to my tuition class and left my maths textbook in school yesterday when I know I’m supposed to use it!!! Oh and did I tell you that I also forgot to bring my school maths exercise book to school for the past few days??? I feel so smart – _ – “

February 2nd, 2007

I’ve changed my link…again…lolz. Anywayz, I went to Vivo city with Justina after school because wanted to get a top and some blink blinks but I didn’t cause I’m saving Adobe Photoshop. (Or I could ask mummy nicely…)

Anywayz, I’ve started pixelling and is currently doing a layout for my site. My friends still don’t know I have a website of my own and they are not into “cute graphic designs” so I didn’t see the need to tell them. (If anyone of my friends from 4/6 is reading this, please don’t kill me T.T) Anywayz, as I was saying, I got back to making cute pixel layouts which means I will have to re download all my graphics program like giffy and programs like that. Come to think of it, I’ve been doing pixels and scribbles since…wait…let me count….ermm…OMG!!! FOUR YEARS ALREADY!!! It doesn’t feel like four years…Lolz…

Oh, I’ll be having my camp from the 9-10th of this month. It’s an Self-Awareness Camp with all the “touchy touchy” stuff. It’s not literally touching but it’s more of a bonding camp with the class where we all cry together.

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