26th October 2017

Even when it is a brand new apartment, it’s still pretty dirty. There’s white powder on the walls, sawdust / brownish dust in the cupboards, and some parts of the house was so dirty that it became a rough texture. (as opposed to smooth wood/veener). But since I have all the time in the world, I wiped down all the cupboards, cabinets, basically any surface I could find. Vacuumed the floor, hand wiped it with disinfecting wipes before going over again with a wet cloth. (Let’s not forget the condition report where I took a gazillion photos of scratches, splattered paint, peeling plastic, and chipped corners. Was this really newly built?)

You’d think that after all the work, I’ll knock out like a log but nope. I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the unfamiliar environment, or the lack of bed and blankets… or being scared. Or it was the NOISE. Why are people out driving after midnight? I have no idea.

But because of all that, I got about 3 hours of sleep in total and I’m now waiting on deliveries.
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24th October 2017

Update : // They settled! We are moving in tomorrow!

They said it would be settled by Friday. Then came next Monday, now Tuesday, and we are supposed to move in tomorrow (Wednesday) but we haven’t even gotten a rental agreement to sign yet.

This is the downside of renting a newly built apartment.

We submitted an application early October based on floor plans and viewing of other blocks in the complex just to get an idea because they haven’t gotten the permit to allow people into that particular building we want yet. (It was a unique floor plan that suited us more than the others.)

A week later, we finally saw the actual place, and they said it should be available by mid October for us to move in. Great! We paid the holding deposit since the landlord approved.

There were a few hidden costs like, internet setup fee. Yes. If this is the first time the apartment is going to have internet, we, as the first people to live there, need to pay about 300 bucks so some company can click a button (I’m being salty). There were also things we didn’t account for, e.g When we called the estate agent up, they said “Yes there is a built in fridge.” but in fact, there was a cupboard space for fridge meaning I have to open the cupboard door to get to my fridge which isn’t provided and obviously has a door so, double doors. Ho hum.

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18th October 2017

Starting 5 years ago, I had to move about once a year. Why? I became an international student that stayed on campus.

So once a year, I pack up all my stuff, fly to Australia, move into the accommodation, and pack up everything plus new things I accumulated over the 10 months, store them somewhere, fly back home. Rinse and repeat for the next 3 years. Finally deciding to live off campus with le bf (we rented separate rooms in the same house), I have just been accumulating stuff for the past two years, packing only a luggage and flying home at the end of the year.

Now, I’m moving again but this time, to the city, a 2 – 3 hour drive, with le bf (same thing, two rooms, but an apartment this time) and holy shit. I hate moving, I hate packing. All the forgotten stuff resurfaces and you wonder why you needed X item in the first place.

To top it off, after I move, I’ll fly back home AND move again because our place got en bloc. Parent already bought a new place but guess what? Turns out that new place might get en bloc too! That’s A LOT of moving (and a ton of stamp duty to pay because in Singapore, the government charges you around 12% of sold price if you move within a year.) Not to mention, dad went on an antique shopping spree and bought a huuuuge bed, a standing clock, and a few other lamps and mirrors and little pieces so to move all that would be an absolute nightmare. (Also to find a place that can fit all his antiques is a challenge.)

God help us.

22nd September 2017

Yesterday was our 2nd Anniversary. How time files.

As a tradition I started, a new piece of “art” was added to his collection (Handmade yearly with acrylic paint). May there be many more to come.

Anyway, the bf had to go to Sydney for a meeting so I went down with him. (Also to look around the place we thought was a good place to rent he if gets the job). Side note, he didn’t make me a card / write a note or give me chocolates like last year mostly because he had been busy with preparing slides for a presentation (to get an internship) as well as edit his thesis, which was a valid reason. (Slightly salty but completely understandable.)

So, after his meeting, we went to Ding Tai Fung for some dumplings and I dragged him to Pandora on a whim.
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22nd April 2017

I found my old blog on blogger.

Teenage me was sure dramatic. Reading back, half of the angry/sad posts, I don’t even remember what they were about. People come and go, friendships do fall apart, backstabbing happens but sure felt as though my world was crashing down at that point.

Even though I didn’t get into the whole chatspeak phase, I cringed at my writing. Triple exclamation marks, triple question marks, and I abused ellipsis to no end. Bad grammar, typos here and there, a fair share of dramatizing, plus plenty of lingo that were deemed “cool” but definitely cringe worthy now, well, I guess people do learn.

I’m thinking of importing them, fixing the typos, editing bits of it because paragraph are an actual thing, and rephrasing some of them and getting rid of those overused “…” but then it wouldn’t be true to my teenage years. (Then again, it’s so cringe-y that I just want to burn them all.)

Edit 9/12/2017 :// Okay I imported them and published it. Growing pains, I guess.
I also realised I kept using its instead of it’s. Did my apostrophe disappear when I imported them or did I have bad grammar?

19th April 2017

Once every two years (or so), I will look at my blog and go “Oh, I should give it a new layout” and every time, I realize how god awful coding is and regret not practicing more to commit html to memory. What is array. What are loops. What is wordpress.

“Let’s add a featured image!” Well, image size won’t listen to me. Either it gets too stretched out or for some strange reason, it just ends up blurry on certain images. Functions won’t listen to me either. It either adjusts the image by height or width and not both.

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15th April 2017

Last year, he sneaked into my room and tried to arrange a chocolate bunny pooping Easter eggs on my desk. This year, it was an Easter egg hunt and after an entire morning of searching our rented granny flat (aka a very small house), I apparently haven’t found all of them yet.
. _ .

Before I have my picture vomit, there was an egg outside that got attacked by what I suspect, a magpie. Read More

17th November 2016

Stitching the parts together is much harder than crocheting the parts. But I am pretty pleased with it considering it is the first time I’ve made a project of this size. Might make a few adjustments next time.

Credits : Head pattern by Kornflake Stew
Body + mane pattern by Yarnii

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